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If you have a smart phone, you MUST get ShopKick. Mashable placed it 7th on its article 10 Apps to Watch in 2011.  The app is free  and there is no cost to use it, just a little time.  Whenever you open the app,  it will display offers from nearby locations.

There are two ways to collect kickbucks.  First is Check-In and Collect.  By tapping the numbered bubbles, you receive the indicated kickbucks. Also, some bubbles have a star which indicates a bonus hidden inside.  Blank bubbles will give you a point toward leveling, so check every bubble.  After you have checked in, a check mark will appear in the bubble.

The second way to earn kickbuck points is  to go to the Store and Collect. Collecting in stores offers a lot more kickbucks than just checking in and collecting from home.  All you have to do is go to one of the stores that have in-store kickbucks.  Walk in, check for reception and collect. It is that easy, no joke!

Some stores offer additional kickbucks by scanning certain items.  So keep your eyes open for kickbucks inside.  Use kickbucks to get cool stuff like gift cards, facebook credits, purses, head phones, a TV or even a cruise. You get a reduced kickbucks deal offer for the first 10 days after starting ShopKick.  Not sure if it is the same for everyone but my offer was a $25 dollar gift card to for 400 kickbucks instead of 875 kickbucks. Great deal!!! I was over 400 kickbucks after just the first day.  It is so easy to use.  Want 50 kickbucks just for starting?  Use my shopkick promo code: bison6464 and you will get 50 kickbucks points to start.  And for a limited time, you will get 250 kickbucks instead of 50.

Big Bear Hotel Savings

About a week ago I decided I wanted to go to Big Bear for a few days.  I wasn’t sure when so I was just looking around for different place and deals.  I looked at all the different sites for a good deal where I nor my boyfriend would go broke renting.  I figured that we would just stay in a hotel room though I wanted to get a cabin but didn’t need 5 rooms for the two of us.  I decide to look on because I have use it before and every 10 nights booked you get 1 night free up to $300.  I was expecting to just find hotel rooms but to my surprise they had little cabins for 2 people, 4 people and so on.  I talked to my boyfriend and since I had work off and he is on spring break we decide to go Sunday and stay til Tuesday. I went to to book the cabin I was looking at for the last couple days and Cathy’s Cottage popped up saying Last Minute Deal! Save an additional 25%.  Sometimes it pays to plan trips last minute.


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The cabin was very cozy and relaxing. Close to so many things especially SNOW!!! Excellent deal from Taking time to get away is nice, even better when you can save money by getting a great deal!

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I lost the snowball fight 🙁

Welcome to

Hey everyone-

Welcome to my website!!!  My name’s Kathryn Ekman.  I will be sharing my experiences on saving  money in store and online.  Sharing tips I have learned about saving money and how to getting amazing discounts.  Also I will be sharing coupons for in store and online that I come across.  In addition this will be a place for me to express my thoughts and ideas about my life experiences.