Monthly Archives: November 2011

Black Friday iPhone Deal App

Hey everyone Black Friday is right around the corner. So be sure to plan ahead on your top stops and great deals with TGI Black Friday. It’s a free app from iTunes that show you all the great deals from pretty much any store you want. This app has five tabs: Home, Stores, Categories, Search and My List. Home shows a Countdown til Black Friday at the top and two tabs: Popular Deals and Newest Ads. Stores shows each store in Alphabetic order with the number of deals offered at that store on the right. Categories is where you can search by type of item for example Appliances, DVDs, or Video Games. Search is where you can search all the stores for the best deal for that certain someone’s Christmas list. Lastly is My List where you can save the deals you want to take advantage of. The think I love most about this app is that when you look at the different stores it tell you what time that Store opens. So be sure to check this app out and don’t miss the great deals because you didn’t plan ahead!

Upcoming Posts to Come

Hey everyone, It’s been awhile since I’ve posted last. School, homework, studying and work have gotten the best of me. BUT early New Years Resolution I will post more often. The Holidays are coming and will be here before we know it. Stay tuned for my posts to come.

A Few Upcoming Posts:
– Price per OZ
– Deals for the Holidays
– Great Money Saving Apps For your Smart Phones
– Entertainment Books